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Lease Finance

The cornerstone of Al Hail ORIX business activities, the finance lease, offers one of the most cost effective tailor-made financial packages available in the market. Each industry and business is unique and at different growth stages. We can tailor a lease financing solutions to help your business grow. Al Hail ORIX Finance offers lease financing options on medium and long term basis for plant and machinery, heavy equipments, commercial / saloon vehicles and office automation products. We approach each prospective lessee with individualized care and provide personal service to structure a lease according to the lessee’s requirements. In UAE since 2002, we have provided innovative asset finance solutions to over 1200 businesses across UAE. And yet unlike so many other finance providers, we go that extra mile to truly identify your needs. Which is why our team of experienced professionals are always on hand to provide solid practical advice, underpinned by our obsession for exemplary customer service.

So what exactly is Lease Finance

In order to grow your business, you’ll need to make investments in assets. These can include the purchase of computer systems, plant & machinery, healthcare equipments, heavy equipments, and commercial or saloon vehicles. Our financing concept is based on the fact that profits are earned through usage and not through the ownership of an asset. It is because of this very idea that modern lease financing is accepted as an alternate method of financing. Equipment Finance Solutions from Al Hail ORIX are structured to give your business an opportunity to acquire movable assets without putting a burden on your cash flows. The upfront cost of these assets, and wondering how you are going to finance them, can be daunting and this is exactly where we can assist.

How does it work

  • Decide what assets your business needs.
  • After conducting a feasibility of your business, we buy the assets for you.
  • Without any restrictions on usage, we lease/rent the assets to you at a fixed monthly instalment over an agreed time period (usually 12 – 48 months).
  • At the end of the lease period, the ownership of the asset will be transferred to you.

Unleash the value of your existing assets (Refinancing Facility):

Even if you’ve already purchased some capital assets, we can refinance those same assets and release cash back to you that would have ordinarily been tied up by the asset for a number of years. Through our ‘sale and lease back’ transaction, we can increases the working capital available to your business, by releasing the cash value in the assets you already own.

So what kind of Equipments can I finance?

  • Plant & construction equipment
  • Printing & other machinery
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Medical & diagnostic equipment such as MRI Scanners
  • IT & Computer infrastructure
  • Furniture & office equipment

Key features of equipment finance

  • Leasing available for all kinds of movable assets
  • Ability to finance up to 90% of the asset value
  • Lease terms of up to 5 years
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager every step of the way

Why this benefits you

  • Access additional sources of funding and new working capital.
  • Our fixed rates mean you’re protected from inflation as repayments are fixed and financed out of future earnings
  • Makes budgeting straight forward and positively impacts cash flow.
  • Re-finance frees up cash tied up in your fixed assets.
Major Sectors Investments (AED)
Manufacturing 599,122,903
Printing & Packaging 447,983,684
Construction & Transport 692,360,053
Healthcare 149,417,676
Retail & Food Sector 373,935,465
Trading 167,656,943
Shipping & Marine 102,284,485
Communication / Media 100,793,850
Total 2,633,555,059