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Lease Finance

What is a Financial Lease?

A Lease wherein the user can acquire the use of the asset for most of its useful life and pay rentals to the lessor is called a financial lease. The user will be responsible for maintenance of the equipment and of insurance.

What is AL Hail ORIX 's competitive edge over other leasing companies?

Al Hail ORIX offers wide range of financial services with competitive pricing and flexible terms. Al Hail ORIX's marketing team is customer friendly and the lease process moves at fast speed. Al Hail ORIX offer Corporate Leasing & Discounting.

What are the criteria for inducting customers in AL Hail ORIX portfolio?

Al Hail ORIX niche market is small and medium enterprises (SME). These regulations and guide lines are user friendly and compatible with local practices and laws. Al Hail ORIX normally deals only with organizations which have a successful track record of five years of operations.

What is the rental?

Rent is an amount which is paid by the lessee for the leasing of equipment/asset through out the entire lease term. The rent is monthly and can be paid at the beginning or end of month. Rent paid is allowed to be charged as a tax deductible expense in the profit and loss statement of the lessee (where ever applicable).

What is the Security Deposit?

The security deposit refers to equity contributed by lessee in lease transactions. The security deposit is adjusted towards Residual Value at the end of lease term.

What is Residual Value?

Residual Value is an approximate fair future market value of the equipment determined at the start of the lease term.

What are the terms and conditions offered by Al Hail ORIX?

Al Hail ORIX offer highly competitive terms with a very rapid response and superior quality service to its customers. The lease period ranges from 3, 4 and 5 years. The payment mode is monthly. Further details can be obtained from our staff on telephone or through personal visit to your nearest branch.

Can second-hand assets also be leased?

Al Hail ORIX leases brand new equipments as well as those which are re-conditioned and imported for use in U.A.E for the first time. Al Hail ORIX would require independent survey for price verification.

Can a lessee cancel or terminate the lease agreement early ?

A finance lease is non-cancelable but may be terminated early subject to pre-payment penalty payable to the lessor.

Invoice Discounting

What is Invoice Discounting?

Discounting is one of the secured form of short-term financing which is used to ease business cash-flows by converting receivables into cash. Through Discounting, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) get immediate financing against their future receivables.